Stock Footage

Rates: $ 20.00 per 16mm foot with a minimum of 10 feet per cut.

Additional charges: Our standard non-commercial rental rates apply for viewing and evaluation. A $ 50.00 fee per title is charged for any film that you have transferred or converted to other media, be it tape, film, disk. This fee is for permission to transfer.

A VHS tape copy of the final production to be supplied to Em Gee for verification of footage used.

Films may be viewed at our facility at the rate of $ 25.00 per hour (or fraction thereof) for studio time, plus non-commercial rental rates for each title viewed in whole or part.

Credits include: Special Effects Exhibit (Universal Studio Tours Los Angeles), Pacific Heights, Chaplin, Nowhere Man (Disney), Space Above and Beyond (Fox), Masters Of Illusion (GRB), Hollywood (Thames TV), Alice Guy-Blache (NFBC), Love and Hisses (Finnegan-Pinchuck), One More Chance (Dick Scott/CBS Records) , Lets Go Out Tonight (Warner), WGBH/PBS projects, THX-LucasFilm projects, Marvel Productions projects, Bob Hope Enterprise projects, Dick Clark Production projects, Entertainment Tonight projects, etc.


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